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Decoding Irrfan - shubhra gupta

कल रविवार 31 मार्च 2013 को शुभ्रा गुप्‍ता ने दंडियन एक्‍सप्रेस में लिखा। Where does the National Award winner go from here? Irrfan is amongst those actors who are the quickest to invade your mind, and the slowest to leave it. As befits the kind of actor who wears someone's skin so close to his own that the two are practically indistinguishable, he's got himself a National Award for Best Actor for Paan Singh Tomar. The award is richly deserved, and as awards go, it is one of those choices which are faultless, recognising a great character played by a great chameleon. But it also led me to a question. Despite his obvious excellence, and the hunger he exhibits with each role, has Irrfan reached a plateau? A National Award for a particular role can have the effect of a straitjacket, quite apart from an actor's own predisposition, or rujhaan (a much more effective word for 'leaning towards'). Where does he go from here? That he is an actor of worth