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अनुभूति कश्‍यप और श्‍लोक शर्मा की प्रस्‍तुतियां

अनुभूति कश्‍यप की प्रस्‍तुति...मोइ मरजानी A spirited independent single mother struggles on a daily basis to provide a comfortable life to her son and herself. She runs a small Internet cafe in Patiala, Punjab for a living, and is an Internet user herself. The film highlights a phase in her life when love comes knocking on her door. If only its timing was right! श्‍लोक शर्मा की प्रस्‍तुति .... हिडेन क्रिकेट A country that is divided in the name of religion, state, language, caste, economy, profession and even god... breathes together, stands together in the name of CRICKET! A sport that defines the country. Cricket is in our blood and rules our hearts. A synonym to passion -- cricket redefines enthusiasm, craze, zeal and excitement. We are a nation that loves cricket, lives cricket, beyond conventions and beyond rules, from breaking boundaries to breathtaking highs, a million cheers and a zillion sighs, such is the madness, such is the passion to play it any