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Return of ‘Garm Hava’ - Nandini Ramnath

आज मिंट में यह लेख छपा है। MS Sathyu’s ‘Garm Hava’, a New Wave icon, is being restored and is set to release in theatres. With it, a near-forgotten phase of cinema will be resurrected Nandini Ramnath First Published: Tue, Sep 17 2013. 02 55 PM IST ‘Garm Hava’, which captures the decline of the Mirza family It was 1972, and the Indian New Wave was coming along nicely. The government-funded Film Finance Corporation (FFC) was handing out loans to directors who wanted to break away from the escapist and formulaic movies being churned out by the Hindi movie dream factory. Some film-makers were more interested in nightmares, among them M.S. Sathyu, who had earned a name for himself lighting and designing sets and directing plays for the stage. A script submitted by him to the FFC was rejected, so he handed in another one—a story about a Muslim family that chooses to stay back in India after Partition in 1947 but gets uprooted