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Gr8 Marketing turns Worst Movies into HITs-goutam mishra

चवन्नी ने गौतम मिश्रा से आग्रह किया था की वोह हिन्दी फिल्मों पर मार्केटिंग के नज़रिए से कुछ लिखें। उन्होंने यह प्रासंगिक टिप्पणी भेजी है। इसे चवन्नी अंग्रेज़ी में ही पोस्ट कर रहा है... Bollywood has produced some great flicks in recent past but at the same time it also witnessed movies which had great music, big stars, much needed action and a bit of comedy so that it attracts all age brackets but one of the most important ingredient for a successful movie – ‘A Good Story’ was completely missing. Here comes the role of marketers who still managed to create a pull and bring viewers to cinemas across country rather I must say globe at large and making it a highly fruitful venture for its producers. 2009 “Chandni Chowk 2 China” (CC2C) the first Warner Brothers’ bollywood venture is the latest example of this practice bollywood producers applied, though it could not turn up as a great hit but still marketers were able to bring people out of their homes for the much awaited and much hyped fl

Nobel lecture by 2008 Literature laureate Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio

माफ़ करें ,यह पोस्ट अंग्रेज़ी में है.साहित्य के लिए नोबल पुरस्कार से सम्मानित साहित्यकार का संभाषण॥ Nobel lecture by 2008 Literature laureate Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio - Wednesday 17 December 2008. Nobel LectureDecember 7, 2008 In the forest of paradoxes. Why do we write? I imagine that each of us has his or her own response to this simple question. One has predispositions, a milieu, circumstances. Shortcomings, too. If we are writing, it means that we are not acting. That we find ourselves in difficulty when we are faced with reality, and so we have chosen another way to react, another way to communicate, a certain distance, a time for reflection. If I examine the circumstances which inspired me to write-and this is not mere self-indulgence, but a desire for accuracy-I see clearly that the starting point of it all for me was war. Not war in the sense of a specific time of major upheaval, where historical events are experienced, such as the French campaign on the battlefield at Valmy