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Remembering Farooque Sir… -swara bhaskar

चवन्‍नी के पाठकों के लिए फारुख शेख पर लिखा स्‍वरा भास्‍कर का संस्‍मरण्‍ा इसे mofightclub से लिया गया है। This is a guest post by actor Swara Bhaskar . She worked with Farooque Shaikh in her film Listen Amaya. Perhaps the most vivid memory I have of the iconic and gentlemanly Farooque Shaikh is from the second day of shooting Listen Amaya. We were in the chaotic and uncontrolled environs of the Paraathhey Wali Gali of Old Delhi, trying to shoot sync-sound (!) a long conversational scene. It was hot, noisy and the narrow lane was becoming increasingly stuffed with curious onlookers since word had got around that the much-loved veteran actor was in Puraani Dilli. We were between shots and had eaten a large number of paraathhaas, and the production had relaxed the ‘set-lock’ so that crowds could go about their morning routine. Two scrawny men, hands-in-one-another’s-neck in the classic Indian male camaraderie pose sauntered by. One of them spotted Farooque sir and started.

2013 Rewind – 15 Film Fanatics on 17 Terrific Films That Have Stayed With Them

चवन्‍न्‍ाी के पाठ‍कों के लिए.... Posted: December 23, 2013 by moifightclub in cinema , film , Movie Recco , Must Watch , World Cinema , Year end special Tags: Bekas , Bombay Talkies , Chitrangada , Goynaar baksho , Ilo Ilo , Jai Bhim Comrade , New World , Qissa , Rush , Soodhu Kavvum , The Congress , The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby , The Great Beauty , The Hunt , Titli , Wajda 6             5 Votes The brief was the same this year. A mail was sent to the usual cinema comrades who write, contribute, and help in running this blog. It went like this – a) Close your eyes b) Think of all the films you have seen in 2013 – released/unreleased/long/short/docu/anything c) Think what has stayed back with you – impressed/touched/affected/blew d) Write on it and tell us why. Ponder like Jep Gambardella in right gif, and write about the joy you experienced like the left gif.          Almost everyone wanted to write about The