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किशोर कुमार से प्रीतिश नंदी की बातचीत (1985)

Source: The Illustrated Weekly of India 28 August, 1985 ( 2 yrs before Kishore Kumar's death)  Interviewer: Pritish Nandy ..... PN: I understand you are quitting Bombay and going away to Khandwa… KK: Who can live in this stupid, friendless city where everyone seeks to exploit you every moment of the day? Can you trust anyone out here? Is anyone trustworthy? Is anyone a friend you can count on? I am determined to get out of this futile rat race and live as I've always wanted to. In my native Khandwa, the land of my forefathers. Who wants to die in this ugly city? PN: Why did you come here in the first place? KK: I would come to visit my brother Ashok Kumar. He was such a big star in those days. I thought he could introduce me to KL Saigal who was my greatest idol. People say he used to sing through his nose. But so what? He was a great singer. Greater than anyone else. PN: I believe you are planning to record an album of famous Saigal songs…. KK: They asked