I dont carry burden of stardom- Pawan Kaylan

 Pawan Kalyan in conversation with Ajay Brahmatmaj
(Translated by C P Jha)

Audience of Hindi films and readers of Hindi periodicals are generally not much aware of the actors of films in the South Indian languages Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are only exceptions, largely because of their Mumbai connection. They come out also with Hindi version of their films, in between.  If we talk about Telugu films, we are aware of NTR and Chiranjeevi. Beyond them, among others - Rama Dagubatti and Ramcharan also came before us, for acting in Hindi films.

“ Sardar Gabbar Singh “ ,  the first Hindi make of Telugu film super star , Pawan Kalyan’s film in Telugu is in the offing.

After becoming popular in Telugu films Pawan Kalyan is keen to join politics. He formed “Jana Sena Party ‘in 2014. He is determined to be in the next electoral battle with his full might.

This interaction with him was held at his office in the administrative suburb of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. Simplicity and plain full   of south Indian actors is mesmerarizing. They don’t carry over their perceived image of their films, in personal life. The same glass transparency was also reflected in this interaction with Pawan
Kalyan  He came forward openly about films and politics.

He is an ardent fan of Amitabh Bachchan and of styles of Mumbai film makers like Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj and Nishikant Kamat. He is keen to work them in future.

Though, desirous to continue to work in films in future also, he is tightening his belt for the next elections. He wishes to do a lot for the masses in Andhra Pradesh.

At the outset of our interaction, Pawn Kalyan clarified that he had nodesire to become an actor. Circumstances, however, brought him into films. “I am humble by nature, but humbleness doesn’t work in films But after coming into films I worked hard. And worked honestly. Got love of audience and now I’m before you all “, he remarked.

There is a story of its own kind behind writing and making of Pawan Kalyan’s film, Sardar Gabbar Singh. He says unambiguously, “My film, Sardar Gabbar Singh is the story of boarders of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Chhattisgarh. It’s a film of western janare.  During making of this film, associates of my team wished to also release its Hindi version. I have no hesitation to say that, Sardar Gabbar Singh was not planned as per requirements of Hindi films .It, however, came  into being in Hindi also. It’s an old story of fight between good and bad. We have made this film in new style with new characters. Dialogue of the film, Sholey, “Jo dar Gaya so mar Gaya”, has special meaning to me.  I keep unafraid. For me it’s an ideal mantra.  Wish to connect with audience of Hindi films was brewing inside Pawan Kalyan. All the people meeting him during his visit to Banaras to pay obeisance to Baba Vishwanath always requested him to come out with Hindi films. It was happiness of a separate kind for him to find his fans in the core of Banaras. They all had seen his Telugu films dubbed in Hindi. “I felt it was a good occasion. This film has action, dialogues and sufficient dance & songs. They will like this film “; Pawan observed and said, “I am great fan of Shri Amitabh Bachchan. I have grown up watching his films. In a scene of music event in this film, I sang a song, mere angne mein, sung by Amitabh Bachchan. I watch other Hindi films as well. Watching them regularly is not possible but I see all talked about and popular Hindi films after every five-six month in one go. Among the recent film makers, I like Anurag Kashyap, Vishal  Bhardwaj and Nishikant Kamat. In Telugu films I am fan of my brother Chiranjeevi. Like NTR In old generation. His popularity can’t be replicated.

Whatever be the screen image of Pawan Kalyan , he stands transparent and honest in personal interaction. Being told this he says with a smile, “Because of that I feel relieved. I don’t carry burden of stardom. Its better way to live. I can’t say about others.  I am not a professional actor like them. I do live in my characters.  Whatever I say and do in personal life, wish to say and do in films as well. This makes my work easy. I am not a great actor. It would be correct to say that I can’t perform. I find it most difficult in song & dance scenes.

Audience and friends of Telugu films say that Pawan Kalyan is popular for his action films. Asked about this, Pawan Kalyan says, “I took training in martial arts in Japan. Then I went to Los Angeles also.Due to this exposure, my body language makes much difference in action scene. It looks apt.

Pawan Kalyan has started preparations for the elections in 2019. It’s being said that he will retire from films. But Pawan Kalyan refutes and says, “I shall continue to work in films. However, after having formed a party, and to jump into electoral battle I will have to discharge all the responsibilities. Back stepping from film will have to be done.

The next question is straight, what’s your politics, left, right or of centre. Pawan Kalyan replies, “I have no political background. But my family has been conscious and alert. My father was with communist ideology. He had to remain underground because of political reasons in the sixties. He has impacted me. I started with
left politics. But I felt that it’s not possible to find solutions only through left politics. After having studied left wing and the right wing I came to a conclusion that our society should take the middle path. I bring that into practice. We all are in consumerist society. Under these circumstances polices will have to be made with much consideration and very carefully. Decisions will have to be taken in people’s interest.

Political thinking and initiatives of Pawan Kalyan is marching ahead with preparations for a political alternative in Andhra Pradesh .As of now, he is enthusiastic about his first Hindi film, Sardar Gabbar Singh.


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