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2013 Rewind – 15 Film Fanatics on 17 Terrific Films That Have Stayed With Them

चवन्‍न्‍ाी के पाठ‍कों के लिए.... Posted: December 23, 2013 bymoifightclub in cinema, film, Movie Recco, Must Watch, World Cinema, Year end special
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The brief was the same this year. A mail was sent to the usual cinema comrades who write, contribute, and help in running this blog. It went like this – a) Close your eyes b) Think of all the films you have seen in 2013 – released/unreleased/long/short/docu/anything c) Think what has stayed back with you – impressed/touched/affected/blew d) Write on it and tell us why. Ponder like Jep Gambardella in right gif, and write about the joy you experienced like the left gif. Almost everyone wanted to write about The Great Beauty. It has emerged has a clear favourite this year. But since the idea is to cove…